Beverage Branding

Espresso Bella is proud to present the newest form of promoting your product.
Liquid Advertising!

The only way of getting your brand noticed in a room full of people is to avoid the clutter and brand your beverage. We're not talking about the cup or the sleeve - we are talking about looking down at the top of
your drink and seeing your logo.
Edible, drinkable and unbelievable, branding your beverage is the newest addition to the Espresso Bella Espresso & Coffee Bar catering roster. We are the ONLY company in Canada to serve our beverages with monograms, logos, faces, images or even quotes. Any JPeg image that can fit within an 1"x1" space can be placed on an espresso, cappuccino, latte, mochaccino or macchiato. *Please note, colouring of image may be slightly altered due to Food Colouring ink* Interested in purchasing large quantities for your restaurant or banquet hall? Branded Beverage toppers can be placed on beer and ice cream as well! The best part is they don't change the flavour of the drink.
To Order your Beverage Branding, please email with your order information and j.peg logo Attached.

Take a look at some of our Beverage Branding we have previously done for clients.

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